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Free Ground Shipping Within the 48 Continuous US States

Storm Shield Garage Door Thresholds

Garage Door Threshold Kits & Custom Lengths


Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold, Garage Door SealStorm Shield garage door threshold creates a tight seal between the bottom of your garage door and the concrete, closing any gaps left by uneven concrete, or the garage door rubber seal.  It will block wind-driven rain, snow, dirt, sand, leaves and rodents out.  Also helps reduce rust and moisture damage to tools and stored valuables and help reduce costly concrete repairs.  With the tight seal your garage door threshold will give you, your garage temperatures will regulate which will help to reduce energy cost for those homes with attached garages.


Storm Shield garage door threshold kits will not crack or shatter, is resistant to oil, gas, anti-freeze and other chemical substances, remains flexible from -40 F to 150F, and meets California Fire Marshall and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance.  Comes prepackages with adhesive, and a full 2 year warranty.

Garage Door ThresholdIn stock - usually ships same day or next business day.  Comes with everything you need, threshold, glue, instructions, and warranty.  Free Shipping.


Custom Lengths Available for those large jobs.


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Pricing and Ordering

Normally Ships UPS GroundStorm Shield KitStorm Shield ® Garage Door Threshold

Standard Kit Includes 6 oz. tube adhesives, larger kits include Caulking Tube

* Give us a call or email us if you need a different size other than what is listed.


Storm ShieldKits are in stock - usually ships same day or next business day.  Price includes free shipping within the continuous United States.

   This item ships to Canada for additional cost, select shipping at checkout. 



     Kits Include Threshold, Instructions, Adhesive - everything you need


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 9' Kit

$ 47.25

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 10' Kit

$ 50.50

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 12' Kit

$ 56.40

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 16' Kit

$ 68.00

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 18' Kit

$ 71.10

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold 20' Kit

$ 79.00

add storm shield

Free Shipping

      6 oz Adhesive Squeeze Tube (Covers 10')  - Extra Optional

$ 8.00 ea

     10.3 oz Adhesive Caulk Tube (Covers 17') - Extra Optional

$ 10.00 ea

     Custom Cut Lengths - Custom cuts available for lengths of 21' and up.  Rolls ship in longest length of 100'

Custom Cut Storm ShieldStorm Shield Custom Lengths and 100' Rolls
Includes 10.3 OZ Adhesive Caulking Tubes (6 Per 100')

Storm Shield

Longest custom length is 100', so if ordering more than 100' the order will be filled with 100' roll(s), plus cut length.

**Price includes free ground shipping within continuous 48 US states.  In stock, generally ships our same or next business day.


     Storm Shield ® Custom Lengths 21' to 100' (includes adhesive)

$ 3.75 ft

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield ® Custom Lengths 101' to 200' (includes adhesive)

$ 3.65 ft

add storm shield

Free Shipping


     Storm Shield ® Custom Lengths 201' + ' (includes adhesive)


$ 3.55 ft

add storm shield

Free Shipping

     Storm Shield ® Bulk Rolls of 100' (includes adhesive)

     1 Roll        $ 375.00 - discounts for multiple rolls

      2 Rolls     $ 365.00

     3 Rolls      $ 355.00

     4-6 Rolls   $ 295.00

     7-10 Rolls $ 255.00

Rolls Starting at

$ 375.00 roll  

add storm shield

Free Shipping

Give us a call if you need a different size other than what is listed

Garage Door Threshold Benefits.

storm shield garage door threshold

  • Storm shield blocks and repels wind driven rain, snow, dirt, sand and leaves.

  • Reduces rust and moisture damage to tools and stored valuables.

  • Garage door seals save money by reducing energy loss year round.

  • Keeps out most rodents, snakes and small pests.

  • Garage door seal eliminates costly concrete repairs.

  • Installs quickly and easily in just minutes.

garage door threshold kit keeps the elements out

With our garage door threshold kits you can create a better garage door bottom seal, which is the first step to make your door more energy efficient, in addition to helping keep out driven rain, excess water, pest, dust and pollen.  The garage door threshold creates a seal that blocks out the elements by closing the gap between the door and the floor.  The tight seal keeps the inside of your garage clean despite the outside weather.

Three garage door seals available:


The Elite Garage Door Threshold is very similar to the other brands on the market.  The Garage Door Threshold comes in Black, but has many new lengths, plus easy to order custom lenths including a 2 year warranty.  We stock this brand, so most orders ship same day or next business day.  Our prices include threshold, adhesive, instructions, and free shipping.


The Storm Shield garage door threshold comes in 10', 16', 18', and 20' kits, in addition we offer custom lengths from 20 plus ft on up- click on the above link to see sizes & prices.  The garage door threshold is easy to trim, and easy to install.


Storm Shield garage door threshold comes in black, you'll receive a 2 year manufacturer warranty, the threshold, adhesive and install instructions. 

The Park Smart Garage Door threshold is a strip of heavy duty vinyl that is installed to the garage floor where the door closes. The seal stands ½” tall and it forms a tight seal with the bottom of the door to keep out moisture and dirt. This is a great addition to a garage with an uneven floor or sloping driveway. Keep rain, melting snow, dirt, and leaves out of the garage year round.

The Park Smart Garage Door threshold is a strip of durable vinyl polymers that stick permanently to the floor with the included tube of Liquid Nails adhesive. The seal is available in gray and brown. Viewing the garage from the front, the seal’s low profile makes it virtually unnoticeable.

The Park Smart Garage Door threshold works with any garage door: roll up doors, hinged wooden doors, and walk-through doors. The seal comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser in a residential application.

When you order the 10’, 16’, 18’ or 20’ seal, you will receive a boxed kit including the seal, a tube of Liquid Nails Ultra Duty Poly Adhesive, and a metal caulking gun.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer:  All are great products, the differences are minimal, mainly just color and price.

     Elite Garage Door Threshold  Offering more size options, better prices and quicker service.

    Storm Shield has been around for quite a while, and has a great reputation.  Comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, shipping runs about $10, is available in black, and is easy to install.

      Park Smart has a life time warranty, shipping is free, is available in brown or grey, and is easy to install.  So it really just comes down to the individual preference, because with either product you won't be unhappy.


Question:  Is there any extra material or are the measurements exact.

Answer:  All Threshold Brands are exact, if you order a 10' roll you receive 10'.  However, if you order a custom length in the garage door threshold there is a little extra material provided.


Question:  What if I need a size that isn't available in the standard kits?

Answer:  If you need more than 20', then consider the Storm Shield custom cut - available in 21' and up.  If you need less than 20', ie: 12' then buy the next kit size up and trim it down. 


Question:  Are the thresholds easy to cut?

Answer:  Yes, you can use a sharp blade to trim either brands.


Question:  If I have two 10' doors, can I buy a 20' kit and cut it in 1/2?

Answer:  Yes, the material is thick, but you can cut it in 1/2 - it saves you some expense too because it's less expensive to buy one 20' kit, then it is to buy two 10' kids.


Question:  How long does it take to ship?

Answer:  We stock all three types in our warehouse and ship from our Corpus Christi location.  If the order is received by 12 pm central time Monday - Friday it will generally ship that day, otherwise it should ship the next business day.  Occasionally we are out of stock, this may delay shipment by a couple of days.  You can expect orders to NY or OR to take about 5 days ground, any closer to Texas and you should receive in less than 5 business days.

Custom Cut Lengths ship from the manufacturing facility and generally is processed for shipping within 2 business days.



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